Avril Meallem

 Poetry and Links to  friends' and family's  creative enterprises   

I was born in 1944 in London, UK, Both sets of my grandparents were immigrants from Russia from where they had fled due  to the pogroms against the Jewish population. I studied physiotherapy at St Mary’s Hospital, in London and worked in a school for children with special needs and then in an adult brain injury unit and geriatric psychiatric center .I is also qualified in several complementary therapies.

 I immigrated to Israel in 1998 with my husband and now live in Jerusalem.

My entry into the world of poetry in 1997 came as a great surprise as English had always been my poorest subject at school.  My school wouldn’t even allow me to sit for the GCSE English Literature exam as I was so poor in it that they didn’t want to waste their money!

In 1997, during a period of depression, I was advised to go down to the seaside on my own.I had with me a small artists drawing pad that had been a present from one my patients and was intending to drawer a picture of waves but  my instead  my pen  seemed to  write a poem by itself (Dew Drops).

Since that moment I have been gifted with the ability to write down my innermost feelings, be they joyful or painful and this led to my healing process.

My poems has been published in various journals such as  ‘Voices’ and ‘H2E’   in Israel,  ‘Yated’ newspaper in Israel, Uk and South Africa ; ‘The Dorenda Review’ in Israel and USA.; ‘Poetica’ forum  and ‘Leaves’ in India . I am  a regular contibutor on “Your Space” section of “Muse India” litary e-journal and together with Shernaz have won 2 first prizes and 2 honourable mentions for our Tapestry poems.