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Welcome to my web site and especially to this page where I am blessed to be able to share the joy of now having published  my new collection of Poems: 'Come Sit with Me by the River' 

Previous publications are:

'Dancing With The Wind' a collection of my own poems, and 'Tapestry Poetry' which I co-authored (via email) with Shernaz Wadia, a poetess living in India.

Also I woulkd like to share with you two 'YouTube' videos that I have put together of myself (voice only!) reading my poems accompanied with music, photos and videos.   

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A52uxQ-jYY0ae     poem - 'Partners in Creation' ( from 'Dancing with the Wind')

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUcr6uQGa_U&feature=em-share_video_user poem - 'India'


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Here are some of the poems to be found in this book

 Come Sit with Me   


 Come, sit with me

 here by the river.


 Let your feet dangle

 in the sparkling waters.


 Feel the coolness

 calm your mind,

 just be here

 in this moment.


 Speak to me in silence

 and I will hear your soul.


 Let our eyes focus

on our broken reflections

Is that you or me?


Can you hear my heart?

It speaks of love,

a bond between us

that can never be broken.


 I feel the breeze

 Can you?


 I hear the rustle

 of overhanging, willow leaves

 Can you?


 I see the Divine

 Can you?


 Come closer –Take my hand,

 I know the river

 Do you?

A Pulsating Light

Am I seeking to return

 to my place of safety?


No, I am leaving that behind.

Now I want to fly −


spread my wings

to encompass the earth


as a pulsating light bursting forth.


I want to capture creation in all its beauty,


share the amazement


 at every moment of connection,


and never again sink back


into the shadow of my existence.


A  Door in the Wall


I have found my very own hiding place

deep within my imagination.

A place far from war and terror,

far from exploding rockets and air raid sirens.


Through a creaking, wooden door,

hidden behind brambles and ivy,

I enter the garden of my dreams.


A dancing waterfall sparkling

in shafts of sunlight.

Emerald green grass, soft and velvety.


The myriad of colours in my garden

soothe my tear-filled eyes.

Birds swoop and circle in the open sky

and I join them in their freedom.


We can all have an imaginary garden,

a haven to escape to in times of despair.


The door in the wall will always be there,

just waiting for us to open it.

Cry of the Earth


My tears cascade down waterfalls.

My sobs reverberate in the rumble of thunder.


How long will I have to drink the blood of the slain,

listen to the screams of the persecuted,

be scarred by the ravages of war?


I am such a beautiful planet,

full of colours, sounds and perfumes −

an abundance of gifts to bring joy to mankind.


I have so much to give,

yet am abused − my forests raped,

rivers poisoned,  atmosphere polluted,

my resources used for weapons of destruction.


All I can do, is vision a time

when tolerance, respect,  love and compassion

will bring the illusive peace

that I have yearned for from time immemorial.


I Won’t Give Up


Oh my computer,

you are taking over my life!

I can’t let go.

I could simply turn you off

but I am hooked.


What happened to the masterpiece

I am working on?

It just disappeared.

Press this key − then another and another.


Now black screen         No sound

Stomach turns somersaults.


Keep rebooting.

A message – sigh of relief

till I read what it says,

‘Volume not recognized.’


I scour my computer books,

phone the technician,

try everything he suggests.


I won’t give up

but by three o’clock in the morning

sleep overpowers.


A new day.

I keep trying

but in the end I accede defeat.


The technician arrives.

 Says he has to take you away;

“It will take a few days”


You are gone – I am lost,

my fingers yearning to dance

on your keyboard.


You return.

Such happiness – or is it?

Again I am out of control,

hours in front of the screen – your slave.


But how can I let you,

a mere machine, be my master?

Click ‘Turn Off’ and you are nothing.


But oh,

such a hard thing to do!


                                                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dancing With The Wind

A poetic journey through the joys, pains and wonders of life

For purchase in Israel please contact me at: [email protected]

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Paperback and Kindle e-book editions available on all amazon web sites  and other on-line book stores


Following are some of the poems that you will find in this collection to give a taste of the essence of my poetry writing..

Tapestry Poetry by Avril and Shernaz

A fusion of two minds in an innovative form of collaberative writing.



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Please contact Shernaz via email for price and purchase in India.    [email protected]

Tapestry Poetry is a genre of poetry composition in partnership.

I become acquainted with the poetry of Shernaz Wadia; (a poetess living in India)  on the ‘Your Space’  section of the 'Muse India' literary e-journal. We met in Mumbai, India in February 2010 and decided to work together on a style of collaborative poetry writing that I had once worked with in Israel whereby each writer composes a nine line poem on a title chosen by one of them. Then the two poems are just interlaced, line by line, with minimal editing.  After a few tries at this via email, we decided to form our own rules which allowed us far greater editing and mixing of lines and called it 'Tapetsry Poetry' as we felt that we were weaving the lines of our two distict poems into one flowing 18 line poem that could stand on its own and with its own theme which did not necessarily need to follow the themes of either of the individual poems.

 Each poet composes a poem on a title chosen by one of them. The poems are then exchanged and have to be woven into one seamless, flowing piece that can stand on its own. Being a collaborative effort the editing becomes a to and fro process until both writers are satisfied with the resulting 'Tapestry'.

The basic rules that we decided upon are:  

  -  Each individual  poem has to be of  9 lines.

  -  Only the person who gives the title has the option of actually using it in the poem. This is to avoid repetition.

  -  The majority of words of the original poems should be kept but grammatical changes allowed. e.g. singular to plural, verb tenses, etc.

  -  Adjectives and adverbs can be replaced with others more befitting the Tapestry but retaining the original flavour.

  -  All 9 lines of each poem are to be used in the Tapestry, which effectively makes the Tapestry an 18 line poem.

Together we embarked on what has turned out to be a highly challenging and exciting poetic journey resulting in this collection of poems.

Below is an example of one of our Tapestry poems where we show how the lines of our two poems are woven and edited to create the final 18 line poem . The rest of the poems in the book are presented in one font style to allow for a more free flowing reading experience, as in the second example.